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VR actie

VR Lasergaming

Compete against your colleagues with our own VR laser game and run completely free on an open playing field of up to 10x10m!

Hamburgers bakken

VR Stone Grilling

In peek-a-boo! Divide the tasks well, and don’t mess up the recipe…

Kayak VR thumbnail

VR Kayaking

Experience the best graphics VR has to offer during a hyper-realistic canoe trip!

VR Bioscoop

VR Cinema

Live 360° experiences with many at once? With your own content or provided by us, we got you covered!


VR Accessible

Looking for a slightly more accessible VR experience for everyone? These games are easy to understand for young and old alike!


VR Simulators

With our simulators, you can recreate the most realistic experiences in beautiful PC-controlled environments!

Bom ontmantelen

VR Cooperation

Test your teamwork with various VR collaboration games! Can you completely rely on your friends or colleagues?

VR wolkenkrabber

Face your fears

Even the bravest daredevil will feel the heat under their feet from our ‘face your fears’ games. Do you dare to try?

VR outdoor

VR Outdoor

Prefer an outdoor VR experience? You can! Check out the options here.

VR groepsactiviteit

VR Sports

Sitting still in VR is not necessary. Put on your sports clothes and dive into the virtual world of sports!

Nike in-game banner

Personalized VR

Are you looking for a personalized company outing, event, or group activity? Then this is the perfect choice for you!


VR Creative

Unleash your creative skills because with this creative theme, you can bring everything from your dreams to life in VR!


VR Action

Is your team eager for physical action? Then a VR activity with a focus on action is really for you!

VR Dino

VR Amazement

Feast your eyes on the Dino Experience and transport yourself right into the heart of Jurassic Park!

VR outdoor

Discover the world

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while in nature? VR can also be wonderfully relaxing!

Which VR experience should I choose?

Good question! First of all, we are here to guide you in choosing the best VR experience for what you want to organize. Fill out the form below or get in contact with us and we will give you advice based on your specific situation.

Should you want to learn more for yourself first, it is important to realize that there are several categories of experiences from which to choose: multiplayer VR experiences (each against the other or in teams) versus single player VR experiences (you are alone in a VR world). There are also experiences that are very action-oriented (sports, for example) versus relaxing (Google Earth). It all depends on how you want to use VR to make the group have a fun and possibly educational experience.

Feel free to contact us via the form below for free advice on using the right VR experiences!

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